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Your daily holy shit moment: Tulsa dental patients possibly exposed to HIV

"Health officials are urging 7,000 patients to seek testing after a dental office is found to not be adhering to proper sterilization practices" ….guys been in business for 36 years.

Awareness, for anyone, including those who are participating in safe sex

This was recently a popular post on Fetlife, and it is so very very VERY important to read. PLEASE dont skip over it with a “oh but Im not HIV positive/ oh I have safe sex/ oh I get tested” dismissal, because you might not be as safe as you think. 

This link will redirect to a blogspot post by someone other than myself, but its the most gut-wrenching, horrific, saddening, yet direly important thing I think Ive ever read and I NEED to share it with you, I NEED you to share it with everyone you know, everyone you care about. I need you to read it in its entirety, I need you to also follow the links provided in the post and I need you read those in their entirety as well. I cant NOT share this and beg you to be aware of it, its one of the most disgusting, hurtful, deceitful things a human can do to another, and I need to know you were aware it could happen to you or I wont be able to sleep at night.

This blog post is about how someone who trusted their partner, and regularly practiced ONLY safe sex, came to be HIV positive. Its a post about how there are THOUSANDS of people out there, who purposefully trick you into believing youre engaging in safe sex, when in fact they have done something to jeopardize your encounter and make sure that you are exposed to them in a way you did not consent to be. There are links that describe these peoples techniques in detail, PLEASE READ THEM SO YOU KNOW WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. There are links with tips on how to prevent these tricks from being played on you, PLEASE READ THOSE TOO. 

Please be aware that while this particular post centers around the gay male community, it can and does happen in all communities, including other branches of the LGBTQ as well as hetero sex. And while this post centers on HIV transmission, other types of STDs can be spread this exact same way, as well as forced pregnancies among heterosexual encounters (with either gender being the aggressor) 

Just please read all of it. Please let it sink in, please remember it, And please pass it on. 

The USA is really fucking itself with gay and women’s rights right now…but holy shit Im glad its not Africa or South America, the things these people do to their countries, and themselves… I just don’t get it.


A controversial bill that blocks homosexuals from access to HIV prevention and treatment has resurfaced in Uganda’s parliament.

The HIV/Aids Control Bill 2010 was tabled by Rose Najjemba, the Chairperson of the HIV/Aids Committee in parliament last month. It is not clear why Parliament quietly…